"With the Wind inside the chest"

Contardo Ferrini's life

Witness to a genuine and genuine Christian humanism


Film-Documentary Directed by Alberto Di Giglio


For the first time in a Movie-documentary was narrated the human, professional and spiritual parable of the Blessed and Professor Contardo Ferrini: academic, jurist, scientist. Tertiary Franciscan. Witness of a genuine Christian humanism. Born in Milan in 1859 and died in Suna of Verbania on Lake Maggiore in 1902 at the age of 43. From 1942 his heart is venerated in a reliquary in the church of Santa Lucia in Suna a little town of fishermen once, now periphery of Verbania .His body, for the will of Father Agostino Gemelli rest in the crypt of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Milan.The documentary film covers all the life circles of Contardo Ferrini, from Milan to Suna di Verbania, passing through the cities of Berlin, Pavia, Messina and Modena. Illustrations rebuild the most significant moments such as childhood, studies, vocational training, political engagement, meetings with his masters ...An original contribution has been given given by  the actors Bruno Furini in the role of Contardo Ferrini and Stefano Grillo as a special witness of the past and also the way to use the voice by

the narratives

Massimo Dapporto Rosario Tronnolone Piero Bernacchi, the enchanting soundtrack of Beppe Frattaroli .Contardo Ferrini's life has been characterized by love for the Beauty of Creation and Truth in Christ.On April 14, 1947, he was beatified by Pope Pius XII, who for the occasion said: "In him everything was diaphanous clarity, safe tranquility, serene 

Joyful in the spirit , sincere dedication and unchanged love for the truth, outwardly sober and reserved, He was, however, the work of him radiating the inner flame contained in man, and devoted his life to the search for the true, seeking behind the noble face of every earth of science forever the eternal truth of God. Contardo Ferrini is Patron of Catholic Universities


Directed by: Alberto Di Giglio 

Project promoted by: Little Porciuncola of Verbania and SF of Verbania

Distribution: Alberto Di Giglio

Lyrics: Marco Invernizzi and Alberto Di Giglio

Illustrations: Spartaco Ripa

Narratives: Massimo Dapporto, Rosario Tronnolone, Piero Bernacchi

Actors: Stefano Grillo, Bruno Furini, Sebastiano Russo

Photography and Editing: Daniele Massa

Soundtrack: Beppe Frattaroli

Secretary of Publication: Letizia Dalla Nora

The film-documentary was successfully presented to the Audience and Art directions Experts, in Rome, Verbania, Pavia, Milan, Modena, Messina ...